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About Us

JAAII NEEM TECH has been on research about salt-free dyeing for a decade. Successfully, it has invented internationally acclaimed salt free technology in textile reactive dyeing to solve the most hazardous existing problems. The innovative technology strives towards nurturing commercial, economical and environmental benefits by virtue of focussing on salt free dyeing Thus it has brought a better remedy for the worst problem of using huge quantity of salts in reactive dyeing. The company values innovation, creativity and amicable atmosphere of its employees by creating a corporate culture. With a dedicate team of employees, the company effectively provides an excellent service to its customers.

    To globalize our inventive products in order to promote reactive dyeing with less salts and chemicals. To create pollution free environment for the betterment of future generation
    To take the innovative salt free technology to the world market. To acquire international attention through continuous innovative technologies in the field of reactive dyeing.


Service to mankind; service to God is the motto of our service. We are sincere, dedicate, punctual, honest and updated in serving the customers. We have an inquisitive zeal in enhancing the development of new customers domestically as well as globally. We support the customers throughout the process i.e from pre-treatment to wastewater treatment.


With the existing production capacity of 3000 MT of chemicals a year and the proposed expansion plans of tripling the capacity in near future. JAAII NEEM TECH manufacturing unit belongs to green category; creates a safe and hygienic working environment and always keeps an eye on the safety of the employees.

Director’s Touch

The main aim of our technology is to promote dyeing with less pollution in various steps especially pre-treatment such as wetting, bio-scouring, desizing and levelling using enzymes; dyeing with less sodium chloride or sodium sulphate using low salts /modifier and low alkalis, and finally treated with neutralization, soaping and softening using enzymes. The innovative technology is to provide affinity of dyestuff, acceleration of the dyestuff association and lowering of its solubility using the low salts/modifier as an electrolyte for the migration, adsorption and fixation of the dyestuff. It also effects to acquire maximum pollution free environment and excellent levelling property.

The modified method of dyeing is more effective in all manners in dyeing industry. The following comparisons are made on the efficiency between the modified method and conventional method of dyeing.

(i) The time taken for the treatment of effluent is maximum 18:00 hours in the modified method against 24:00 hours in the conventional method.

(ii) The TDS generated in the dyeing process in the modified method is 3333 ppm against 10800 ppm in the conventional method.

(iii) The chemical used for dyeing 1 kg of cotton goods in the modified method is 200g whereas 800g in the conventional method of dyeing.

(iv) The water used for 1kg of cotton yarn in the modified method for the entire process is 42 L against 51.5 L in the conventional method of dyeing.

Considering the aforementioned factors the modified method of dyeing is very much cost effective, consumes less amount of steam, man power and electricity and keeps the surroundings pollution free.


Our team members follow the Gandhian philosophy which is mantra of our company, JAAII NEEM TECH “ A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is a part of it. We are not doing him favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.


Jaaii Neem Tech is a company of multiple innovation. Since research is a fundamental need of innovation, we deliver every lot after having various quality parameters. It emphasis the highest quality to each of its customers.